The TARDIS travels through Canberra

As usual, the TARDIS is out there in the world looking for the obscure, surprising, weird and wonderful.

This time, however, it will be floating around the ACT and all thanks to people power.

While this TARDIS is unfortunately not the real deal, it is a little plastic TARDIS and it's is in the hands of the community. The idea is for it to be passed from person to person as it is on a mission to find stories and voices that otherwise would remain untold.

Like the Doctor sometimes receives calls in his TARDIS, so too will each recipient of the little plastic TARDIS. There is a mobile phone inside the little plastic TARDIS which will be called every weekday at 10:30am. The person who has the TARDIS, and the phone, on that day will be interviewed by Genevieve Jacobs for 666 Mornings on ABC Radio Canberra.

If you know someone in Canberra who has an interesting story to share, why not nominate them to receive the TARDIS?